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Open Dialogue in Melbourne

A Path To Follow is pleased to announce that we are offering FREE Open Dialogue sessions.

Open Dialogue is a way of organising services so that individuals and families who are experiencing more urgent mental health challenges receive a timely and consistent response through regular and frequent network meetings with all who are concerned.

The Open Dialogue network meetings aim to:
*provide support that is timely in responding to a person’s/family’s distress.
* be inclusive of the participants the person at the centre of care want in the room.
*host the network meetings from a social perspective that includes the gathering of clinicians, family members, friends, co-workers and other relevant persons for a joint discussion.
*encourage open conversation and avoid premature conclusions, treatment plans and judgements.
*Create a dialogue, or a sense of “with-ness” rather than “about-ness” with meeting participants.

Kirstie, our Founding Director, is completing the Foundation Course in OD. Alongside fellow Open Dialogue Practitioners, also highly experienced in the field of mental health, we welcome inquiries from those people who are interested in trialling this new service option with us.

Please note that our intention is to open up dialogue amongst the whole network. It is not our intention to engage in diagnostic therapy, counselling or provide solutions.

For people more interested, you can find resources and further information at:

Register your interest with us below.

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