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Art Therapy in Melbourne

Art Therapy is a great way to express feelings and calm the nervous system. It offers a safe space to explore challenges in a supportive environment, with a qualified and experienced therapist.

Our fabulous Art Therapist Juliette creates a fun, engaging and safe atmosphere for young people from 12 years of age to get creative. Juliette provides one-to-one therapy, group and a space for parents of young people to attend sessions with their children. Juliette states this is a meaningful way for parents and their children to learn new perspectives and solutions through the sharing of their art work. 

Regardless of the desired outcomes, Art Therapy is a safe therapy. Its gentle approach allows exploration of deeply personal issues without having to retell one’s story and igniting trauma. It can help place the onus of choice and control back into the hands of the participant to navigate their own unique journey of discovery and recovery.

How art therapy can help you

Art Therapy Services

Individual Art Therapy

Our individual art therapy service offers a personalised and confidential space for individuals to explore their emotions, enhance self-awareness, and promote healing through artistic expression.

Group Art Therapy (children/teens)

Our sessions offer a supportive space for children and teenagers to express themselves creatively, build a strong support network, and develop healthy coping mechanisms through art therapy. 

Corporate Events (staff wellbeing)

Through our art therapy corporate events, we facilitate team-building exercises that foster collaboration and improved communication, promoting staff wellbeing and a positive work environment.

Aged Care and Disability Settings

Our art therapy sessions in aged care and disability settings provide a therapeutic and inclusive space for individuals to engage in creative expression and improve overall well-being.

Meet our Art Therapist



Juliette has over 20 years of combined experience working as an art therapist, social worker, counsellor and her own lived experience. She has worked with a range of community organisations, a diversity of ages, cultural backgrounds and has much experience supporting people with a number of life’s challenges including mental health, drug and alcohol misuse, family violence, childhood trauma and those experiencing age-related challenges.

Juliette chose to work with A Path To Follow, drawn to our peer model that values a holistic approach, using people’s strengths within their own lived experiences. Practising this is important to Juliette as it engenders a safe space for people to connect with, and leaves behind that traditional deficit approach where it is assumed people need to be ‘fixed’.

Delivering individual and group Art Therapy sessions over the past 10 years, Juliette has observed first-hand the relief experienced by participants making art, and the resulting new/renewed insights into their challenges.


Art Therapy Journey

Art Therapy Program Testimonials

Art Therapy Case Study

What attracted you to our service?  

My son loves art and I thought with the combination of therapy it would get him engaging, talking and expressing himself. 

What did service look like for your child? 

He was looking forward to experimenting with different art in an autonomous way, with no rules. 

Why would you recommend this service to someone who is unsure if it is right for them? 

Because it is a gentle, non-evasive way of getting them to connect and be creative 

What are three benefits you’ve/your child has experienced as a result of our service? 

  1. More positive 
  2. More intuitive 
  3. Better self esteem 

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about joining service? 

That my child is now very open and keen to make insights 

What made you choose us over other similar services? 

It happened at the right time in the right place and was recommended by the school 

What outcomes or results were you looking for? 

Pierce overcoming social anxiety 

Were there any areas we went above and beyond expectations? If so, can you tell us about that? 

Juliette was very insightful and thought outside the box 

Was there anything we could have done differently? 


What’s one piece of success that wouldn’t have been possible without our service?   

My child was encouraged about his poem on reconciliation by Juliette and her association with aboriginal people, he was feeling confident and read his poem out at the ceremony with over 100 people 

How would you rate our service in terms of value for money? 

Very good as it was one-on-one 

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