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The Sporting Peer Support Program at A Path to Follow offers a specialised service that assists sport and recreational settings in establishing and maintaining a peer model to enhance the coaching, leadership, and life skills of participants. Guided by A Path To Follow and Senior Leaders/Coaches Junior members acquire valuable skills for coaching and life through active participation in team/group activities.

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The Sport Peer Support program at A Path to Follow is a specialized service that supports sport and recreational settings in establishing and sustaining a peer model to enhance coaching and life skills of participants. Our program focuses on the Junior Coaches, aged 11-12 years, and their engagement with a team for a season and beyond. Under the guidance of a Senior Club Coach, these Junior Coaches learn valuable skills for coaching and life through active involvement in team trainings and game day roles.

The Sporting Peer Support program caters to junior sports and recreational settings aiming to prioritize the well-being development of their members alongside their physical or sporting abilities. While young members benefit from honing newly acquired coaching and life skills, the settings also benefit by implementing a coaching model that is more sustainable than most current approaches and aligns with the philosophy of the member setting. The sporting peer program is executed with the full support of specialised Peer Leaders from A Path To Follow, in collaboration with the existing leaders of the recreational settings.

  1. Mental Well-being and Community Connection: The Sporting Peer Support program keeps young members connected to a safe and supportive community, contributing to preventing and addressing mental well-being challenges early. By nurturing a sense of belonging and connection through sports, participants build a support network that enhances their overall well-being.

  2. Personal Skill Development: Through their involvement in the program, young members, and leaders within the settings, cultivate essential personal skills crucial for their roles in recreational settings and in life. These skills encompass effective communication, leadership, teamwork, time management, and problem-solving. The program offers a platform for personal growth and skill enhancement in the context of sports and recreation.

  3. Mentorship and Leadership Development: The Sporting Peer Support program aids existing coaches and leaders within sports settings in mentoring younger club members. This mentorship process not only fosters coaching skills but also imparts valuable life skills to the younger participants. It establishes a sustainable model of leadership within sports settings, fostering the advancement and nurturing of future coaches and leaders.

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