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Who are we?

A Path To Follow Inc. is a registered not for profit service providing Mental Health Peer Support Services for young people and their families.

Founded initially in 2013, we spread our hopeful wings into the not for profit space in 2022 to address multiple system gaps.

We offer meaningful peer partnerships based in the living experiences of mental health that are flexible and personalised according to need.

Our leadership brings together wonderful humans with a diverse range of experiences across the consumer, carer and professional spheres of mental health. 


youth peer

support program

We provide support for young people through peers with lived experience in managing and/or supporting loved ones with mental health challenges.


family peer

support program

We provide mental health peer support and advocacy to families of young people.


sporting peer

support program

We integrate our peer program into existing recreational settings to support the holistic development of young people.

Model of Service

A Path To Follow (APTF) uses a model of Lived Experience Peer Support, where APTF Peers use their living/ed and professional experiences to support their peers. Inherent to this model are the foundational principles of Intentional Peer Support’s Framework:  

  • From Helping to Learning Together – we don’t see peers as needing to be fixed or us as the experts, 
  • Individual to Relationship – we see our work together as a partnership where both peers have a responsibility and  
  • From Fear to Hope and Possibility we don’t subscribe to a traditional risk-based model, rather we use one that sees the meaning behind risks as a source of opportunity to learn and grow, in a safe and supportive manner. 

We acknowledge this system is quite different from the medicalised model we have all grown up with. APTF believes we are all experts within our own lives and was founded and is directed by Kirstie, who has substantial knowledge and experience of the system as a consumer, carer and professional. We use all these perspectives to advocate and walk beside you, enabling you to participate in the supports you require and remain connected to the community. 

Get Involved ▸

Are you passionate about building a community that supports mental health?


We rely on the generosity of individuals like you to continue our vital work. By donating, you can play a significant role in improving the lives of those young people and families facing mental health difficulties.

Work with us

A Path To Follow welcomes inquiries from people who have living/lived experience in mental health and/or supporting someone with mental health related challenges and who has or is willing to learn how to safely share that experience, in their best interests of young people and families.

Our Bentleigh Community Space

A Path To Follow is passionate about community partnerships and is offering a reduced fee for the use of our office and group space by community need.

Do you need some space:

  • 🏠Get out of your home office for a couple of hours?
  • 🪑Host a meeting?
  • 🍴Some downtime for your team while they have lunch?
  • 🤹Host a small group

We’ve got you covered! We would love to discuss your needs further, so please reach out.

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