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Resources for mental well-being

Our Starter Resources

A Path To Follow has provided some great “starter” resources for mental well-being below. If you require specific resources, according to your location and experiences, get in touch. Providing such customised assistance is one of our special areas of expertise.


Youth Resources

Youth Mental Wellbeing Services.

A Customised summary of services available to young people living in the areas of Glen Eira & Bayside.

Youth Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue’s Customised site for young people, including online chat, telephone counselling, online mental health programs, check in apps and more.

Black Dog Institute

These guys are internationally recognised as a pioneer in the identification, prevention and treatment of mental illness, and the promotion of wellbeing. They are all about trying to turn the latest valid research into core treatments for people living with mental health challenges. Covers all ages, but stronger with adults. Research, online check ins, fact sheets and more…


eheadspace provides free online and telephone support and counselling to young people 12 – 25 and their families and friends. If you’re based in Australia and going through a tough time, eheadspace can help.


Face to Face mental well being service provision and group programs for people aged 12-25 years and their families. Services aim to holistic and assist with other related services the young person is also needing.  Treatments with Psychologists and Psychiatrists are based on the mental health care system.

Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria

(see summary under  Parenting & Family Resources)

Sleep Hygiene Tips 

A short tip sheet on preparing and staying sleep


Family & Parenting Resources


Aiming to create change to protect everyone’s mental health and improve the lives of individuals, families and communities affected by anxiety, depression and suicide. This is your first go to for information, referral pathways and training in regard to depression and anxiety.

Children of Parents with Mental Illness

A great first go to for any parents wanting to increase their knowledge on how to best inform and support their children in understanding a parent’s experience of mental health challenges.

Cyber Safety

Now providing Australia wide protection against online crime and abuse for all age groups. Great information and training available.

Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria

Support and resources for issues including anxiety, stress, worry, and related challenges. Melbourne Based. Includes provision of: phone and email support, information and referral, facebook support, weekly support group meetings, Information seminars and workshops, referrals to therapists specialising in anxiety and depression.

E Safety Commission Webinar Summary 2020

A summary with slides of the webinar about what young people are up to with technology and the important role the E-Safety Commission play in protecting our community.

Sleep Hygiene Tips 

See under youth resources

Head to Health

For improving your own mental health, or supporting somebody else with mental health issues. Head to Health provides links to trusted Australian online and phone supports, resources and treatment options. By C/W Gov.

Business Wellbeing Resources

Heads Up Workplace Resources

Government backed initiative of Beyond Blue and partners. Contains resources for all sized workplaces and information specific to the different levels within that.


The Book of JOY

A beautifully captured journey between two great minds discussing the essence of Joy in our world.Despite our experiences, trauma or hardship they believe joy can be found and experienced in each moment. It is not a destination, it is not something we gain externally to ourselves. It is within us and we choose how to act in accordance with it, within each moment we act and respond in life.

I am reading this book for a second time now. It has enabled me to see within myself abilities I thought I never had or perhaps, never had control over.

Happily Never After.

A book for those who have travelled the
journey and those of you who want plain insight into what a journey living with anxiety feels like. This is one of the few books I have read where I feel like the words I were reading were mine; depicting some of my experiences and those I was seeing supporting, Kyle, our son through severe anxiety. Highly recommend.

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