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Family Peer Support and Advocacy

We understand that navigating Victoria’s mental health and community service system while supporting a family member facing mental health challenges can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to offer a helping hand, providing guidance, advocacy, and support to families.

Our service fills the void where the system may be lacking, offering assistance from individuals who have firsthand experience with mental health challenges. We are dedicated to empowering families and advocating for the well-being of family members on their journeys.

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A Path To Follow sees family (in addition to what is deemed lawful) as defined as a group of people who see each other as sharing a significant supportive relationship with each other.

We understand the unique needs and challenges families face in accessing appropriate services, support and resources. Our team, composed of a compassionate and diverse range of humans with lived or living experience with mental health challenges, provides guidance, support, and advocacy. We aim to empower families, from an intentional peer support perspective that is strengths focused, to become informed, confident advocates for themselves and their loved ones.

Our Family Peer Support and Advocacy service is specifically tailored for parents and families who are supporting a family member facing mental health challenges. We understand the importance of addressing the needs of the whole family where there is mental ill health being experienced.

  1. Guidance and Navigation: Our experienced team will help you navigate the Victoria’s mental health and community service systems , providing clarity and support throughout the process. We can assist you in understanding the available specialised mental health services a family member may require, accessing appropriate resources, and engage and/or participate in shared team care for family members requiring support. We understand that all family members can be impacted when someone in the group is experiencing challenges.

  2. Advocacy: We will stand by your side as strong advocates, ensuring your and your family’s voices are heard and respected. We can help you communicate effectively with healthcare providers, schools, and other relevant to ensure support is provided in a way that you want it. 

  3. Emotional Support: We understand the emotional toll that supporting and caring can have on families where there is a person experiencing challenges. Our team provides a safe space for you to share your concerns, fears, and also your strengths, small wins and triumphs. We offer empathy, understanding, compassion and practical coping strategies to help you navigate the ups and downs from a peer perspective where we walk beside you, using our journeys to connect with yours. 

  4. Connection: Our service is designed to support families to re-connect and sustain connection with themselves, their families and community.  Our commitment is to walk beside families as you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to advocate for your family’s needs. We aim to strengthen your ability to navigate the system independently, ensuring that you are active participants in your family’s care. 

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