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COVID CRAP and CONFUSION- The world Juxtapositions

Hey APTFers,

I have been trying to work out why I cannot put words to the impact of COVID, from our very first lock down. CONFUSION AND CRAP OVERLOAD.   Now, in lock down 5, I have some sense of my distress; enough at least to share the confusion of it all with you…

How are you coping?  Your family and friends?  APTF is still working during lock down and urge anyone requiring additional support to please reach out.

In the meantime, see if this list resonates?

Which do you tick off?  I would love to hear.



We are all in this together                                                       Each of us is out for ourselves

I have moments of great clarity                                           I have moments of complete overwhelm

I am in total control                                                                         I have no control

I care too much                                                                            I care too little

I want to smoke less                                                                             I want to smoke more

I want to go back to life                                                               I want to be isolated forever

I want to drink less                                                                              I want to drink more

I hate zoom.                                                                                       I love zoom

Working from home is so convenient                                    1 more day working from here and I will go farking nuts

Tomorrow I will…                                                                                                                 tomorrow comes:  ok when this lock down finishes I will … 

I am getting unwell again                                                             everyone is struggling, this is not a sign.

I am getting sick again defo                                                no it has passed- phew-

I am going nuts…                                                                                 ok, so not a nuts day today …


And I write this from a substantial period of positive mental wellbeing. For those of you already dealing with challenges, I am here with you; I know this is so much harder for you.

Reach out.



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