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Let’s Just Blame Social Media, shall we?

This is a question that has puzzled so many over the past decade and lead to some very heated debates.

A recent study has brought to light some statistics that can help us answer this question a little better.

The study shows that in fact social media can have a negative effect on mental health, however if you dive a little beneath the numbers you will find that the way that social media is used and how often it is used is actually what we need to think about when looking at the correlation between social media and mental health. Things such as cyber bullying, lack of sleep and reduced physical activity are the harmful factors that come from the misuse and overuse of social media that can lead to mental health complications.

However despite this I can say that social media is a great tool for connectivity and an amazing innovation if used safely.

My hot tip is to not quit social media but rather simply not allow it to get in the way of important things in your life such as sleep, exercise and the things that make you happy.

Social media should not be a dominating factor in your life. By all means use it to catch up with friends and share what you’re doing with your life; just don’t let showing everyone how cool what you’re doing ruin just how cool it actually is.

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