Partners and Supporters

A Path To Follow’s support is provided regardless of one’s capacity to pay.

To enable support to those who can least afford it, APTF is thankful for their Sponsors and Supporters who provide tailored sponsorship packages to these young people and families.

We welcome people to explore our range of Sponsorship Packages and for people and companies to customise their own.

SUPPORTER: Beyond Business Groups


Like a book group, but with monthly topics and activities so you can learn, reflect and take action to improve all areas of your small business. Participating in this Group has been an assistance in setting up APTF as a business.

PARTNER: Ormond Junior Football Club

Ormond Junior Football Club has enabled and supported a successful 2 year pilot of our Group Mentoring Program, where players as young as 12, have been mentored and supported in developing coaching and life skills with teams younger then them.


Greer and Zeth of Gauge Bistro have been our sponsors from the beginning and I mean the very beginning, when we had no-one. They provide the best ever coffee, workers with personality and willing to have a laugh and their food is to die for. Check them out.





SPONSOR: Blokes Psychology

Kudos to Carl Nelms, Founder of Blokes Psychology, for recognising the gap in services tailored to boys and men and doing something about it. Carl is one of A Path To Follower’s barrackers and we will barrack back proactively because of what he and his colleagues are achieving with encouraging help seeking behaviours in boys and men.

Youth Mentoring

Family Peer

Sporting Peer